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Go to System ⇒ Configurations ⇒ Mage World ⇒ Store locator to configure the module.

General Settings

* In Enable store locator, choose “Yes” to enable the module, choose “No” to disable it.

* In Top link, select “ Yes” to allow to displace on the top of frontend or select “No” to disallow to displace it.

* In List store by the options, you can choose Default - Based on Sort Order of each store or Distance-Based on the distances between customers' location & stores or Alphabetical order - Based on the alphabetical order of store name.

* In Displace Holliday fill out the number of days. The store's holidays within this period will be shown in the frontend.

Manager store

* This feature will enable you to create one or more new stores at the same time. Helping your customer easily track the location and number of stores.

New store

* In Manage store, you click “add new store”⇒ show “store information”. Let fill out the necessary information for your store. In general information, you must fill in the basic communication to easily identify your store. It includes general, contact and meta information.

* Next, fill in the store location main information: address, phone number, email and website URL. To correctly display store locations on the Magento 2 google map you need to specify the longitude and latitude for each store location.

*In “ image gallery”, click an empty box and drag the image that chosen from your PC. These images will show “more view” of the chosen store.

*In “store schedule”, set up working hours by choosing “ click here” under the comeback manager schedule to set new schedule.

*If you want to select store's holiday ⇒ Return manage holiday to set new holidays

* After you completed the essential information, please attention click Save store so as not to lost information. Then they automatically show on your store location page.

Manage tag

* This function will enable you to make lists of tagged stores. The customers can base on the tag to search for the stores on demand.

* In Manage tag to create new tag ⇒ click “add new tag” ⇒ tag information will show, let fulfill the information in general information then click “stores of tag” to choose the stores applying. This will enable to create tagged store lists.

* Choose a suitable Tag Name, write a description and upload Icon to make it pop out on store listing page

* Select stores from the list to be shown up when customers clicking on “ HaNoi” tab. Then Save Tag.

Manage schedule

* This feature will allow set working-hours for the stores and be shown on the frontend. From that, the customers can arrange their schedule to visit the stores.

* In this tap, click “add new schedule” to create a new schedule. In “information schedule ” fill out name and choose the time. * Similarly, you can set opening hours for each remaining day of the week. To quickly set up, click on the “Apply to all” button on the top right corner of the Monday section. Other days will have the same working time as Monday.

Manager holiday

* This tap will enable you to create off days for your stores and be displaced when customers click each store.

* To set days off for your stores, go to Store Locator > Manage Holidays on the menu in the backend. You will be navigated to the Holiday Manager page listing all holidays created. Click on Add New Holiday to create a new one.

* On the General Information page:

- Set the Holiday Name

- Select the start date and end date of the holiday

- Fill in the Comment field if needed

* Remember to click on the Save and continue edit button after entering the required fields to save your work.

* On the Stores of Holiday page: tick all stores that you want this holiday to be applied, then Save Holiday.

Create API

To ceate API, click this tap “guide” then follow the instruction.


Identify location

* To find the location you want, let “type some letters” in the address box and reach search. Your destination will appear on the map.

* If you want to find the location and limit the range, enter your location in the address box and adjust the toolbar. Then click “ search”. The requested locations will automatically show on the map.


* To identify the routes, let click “ Direction” in the store location and the location box will displace ⇒ enter the staring position ⇒ press “go”

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