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Reward Points Pro

I. Earning rules

This is where you set up the points and the rules for customers to earn reward points.

1. Catalog Earning Rules

These rules are based on catalog rules. They affect to the catalogs as you configured.

For example, when you want to award customers 10 points for any woman item, you will use this rule.

From Admin Sidebar, click on Reward Points ProCatalog Earning Rules, after that you will see a page demonstrates all the rules have been created.

1.1. Add a new earning rule

To create a new rule, select “Add New Rule”:

There are three sections you have to fill: Rule information, Conditions, Actions.

  • Rule information: This section requires you to provide some basic information about the rule such as rule name, description, which group to be assigned, start and end date.

In addition, you can set priority for each rule by filling the number into the field.

  • Conditions: The conditions are based on catalog rules
  • Actions: You can optionally set fixed reward points or require customers to spend an amount of Y to receive X points.

Note: If you want to stop processing other rules when a prioritized one has been applied, please turn “Yes” for “Stop Further Rules Processing”.

After filling all the fields, remember press “Save”. After saving the rule, the system will redirect you back to the Catalog Earning Rules page. The rule you have just created will be displayed as well.

1.2. Edit or delete an existing rule

When you want to edit a rule, from Catalog Earning Rule page, click “Edit” icon on the right side of each rule, you can open the rule and edit whatever you want.

Remember to Save the process after making any change.

In order to delete a rule, you just have to click the box at the left side of the rule on the Catalog Earning Rule page. After that, choose the action as “Delete” on the top of the page then click Submit, the rule will be deleted.

2. Shopping Cart Earning Rules

This section includes rules are based on shopping cart rules, all configurations are similar to catalog earning rule settings, you can follow the guide of Catalog Earning Rules above.

You can apply this rule when you want to give points to customers purchasing for orders in which rules are related to cart attribute like subtotal, item quantity, total weight…


- If you want to spend 10 points for those who buy 3 items, choose “Total Item Quantity” for the condition, and fill “3” as the value.

- On the “Actions”, apply “Fixed Reward Points (X)” then insert the number of points into “Reward Points (X)” field.

Remember to Save when you complete the process.


- If you want to apply the rule to some specific cart items, you can set it in the “Actions” section.

3. Individual Reward Points

You can set reward points for specific items without following to catalog rules or shopping cart rules with this feature.

From Admin sidebar, open Reward Point ProIndividual Reward Points. You will see the list of all the products you are selling on your site. Enter the name or SKU to search for the exact item you want to set the reward point then insert the value of point. Customers will receive the points as you set.

For instance, you want to set the product with SKU: WSH12 to 22 points, please insert the number of points into the box on “Reward Points Earned” line. When customers viewing the site, they can see the points of the product they would earn.

Finally, choose “Save Product Reward Points” to save the process.

4. Customer Behavior Rules

This section allows you to manage the points given to customers when they make an action on your site such as signing up, subscribe for newsletters, refer friends…

In order to add a new rule, please click “Add New” on the top right of the template.

Our Reward Points extension has already provided some customer behaviors, you can choose from the drop list.

II. Spending Rules

This section determines how your customers using points to purchase or trade for other products. As usual, the rule contains 3 main sections: Rule information, Conditions and Actions.

In “Actions” section, you can manage how the rule will be applied:

- Do not allow to use reward points: Disable to use reward points

- Allow to use unlimited points: Allow customers to use unlimited points

- Allow to use fixed reward points (X) per order: Set fixed points to be used on each order

- Spend (Y) to allow to use reward points (X): Require customers to spend an amount of money before using points

III. Sell Products in Points

It is possible to sell products in points by setting the points for each item, if customers have enough points in their balance, they can purchase for the product by points instead of using other normal payment methods.

In order to set point for products, open “Reward Points Pro” from “Admin sidebar, in Customers section, click ”Sell Products in Points“.

Search for the item by name or SKU, set the points you want then click ”Save“.

IV. Transactions

From Admin sidebarReward Points ProCustomersAll Transaction History.

On this page, you will see all the point transaction activities on the site with detailed information and the status of the transaction.

V. Reports

The extension allows you to keep track with transaction updates by reports. You can find out these reports in ”Reports“ section.

  • Overview

- Date Range: The period of time that you want to see statistics for rewarded points and redeemed points on the line chart.

- Rewarded points by activities: Showing proportions of each activity that customers gain points from.

- You are able to see statistics for total rewarded and redeemed points, average points or top customers…

  • All transactions: Showing reports for all transactions
  • Rewarded points: Display the points customers gained
  • Redeemed points: Demonstrate the points customers used to purchase for products

VI. Other configurations

From Admin sidebarReward Point ProSettingConfiguration.

1. General

  • Points/Currency Exchange Rate: The amount of money corresponding with the number of reward points.
  • Redeem points in increments of: Require customers to redeem points by the increment of a number.
  • Calculate reward point earned: You can optionally set to calculate reward points before/after discount and tax.
  • Calculate to TAX: Calculate order total value before or after redeeming points.

  • Enable/disable redeem points to apply to tax/ shipping; activate coupon code and reward points at the same time.

2. Display

  • Before setting reward point's unit name, choose the ”Position of Unit Name“ as before or after point value name.

3. Other Configurations

  • Sharing Reward Points: If you want to allow customers to share points with their friends, choose ”Yes“.
  • Email Notification:

- Email Sender: The name of the sender in notification emails

- Set the number of days before points expiration notification by filling the value in ”Reminder email sent before points expire (in # of days).

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