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One Step Checkout

User Guide

1. Customer Interface

Normally it takes 6 steps for customers to complete the checkout process, with the One Step Checkout extension for Magento 2, the complicated steps are shortened to only one page.

1.1. Overview

If admin turns on “Redirect to checkout automatically after adding product to cart” in configuration, the checkout page will appear right after when the customer adds a product to cart. If not, the customer will have to click on cart icon on the top right of the page and choose “Proceed to Checkout”, the system will redirect to the checkout page.

The checkout page concludes all steps of normal checkout: shipping address, shipping method, payment method, the customer can review their order right on the page and complete checking out by press place order. With the extension, customers are able to complete all checkout steps on one page instead of redirecting one by one. This saves time for the customers and increases their satisfaction, avoid cart abandonment.

1.2. Shipping Address

On this section, the system requires buyers to fill their some information for shipping like E-mail Address, Name, Phone number, Address… These fields are optional and can be customized by the admin.

For registered users, they don't have to fill this information every single time because their data have been saved and it will be filled in automatically.

With the benefits from Google suggestion, when customers enter some first characters on “Street Address” field, there will be a dropdown list of matching addresses and customers may find their address, all they have to do is choose the one matches their address best.

This feature brings convenience to customers that they don't have to type full address but still can fill the correct one.

1.3. Shipping and Payment Method

- The customers can choose between Fixed or Table Rate as they preferred.

- They can also choose the delivery date on the checkout page.

- Security access code is the key that the delivery service will need to enter the building/gate.

There are different payment methods for buyers to choose the most convenient one to them, and the store owners can configure all these methods in the admin panel.

In this section, the customers can choose to create a bill to another address that not the one they have filled in Shipping Address. Just unselect “My billing and shipping address are the same”, there will be a field shown under the box and customers will fill the address they want to create the bill to.

1.4. Review Order

- If customers want to increase the quantity of product, they can edit right on the Order review section instead of going back to product page and start all steps over.

- Below the order summary section is the field of coupon code where customers can enter the promotion code they have to discount and save money.

- Customers can leave a comment on the order to describe more information that they want the product to be.

The last section of the order review is where customers can require for gift wrap service. By just clicking on the check-box for the Gift Wrap, it means customers have chosen the service and agreed to the given fee. Moreover, customers can also send a gift message along with the product to their friends. These two functions are very convenient for the customers that save their time.

2. Web Owner Configurations

After reviewing all the features demonstrated on the frontend, here below will be the guide to configure them in the backend.

First of all, from admin sidebar please open the Store menu then choose ConfigurationMageWorld ExtensionOne Step Checkout. There will be a list of configuration setting to be shown, you can manage your site on this page and make it be as you expected.


- Remember to press “Save Config” after making any changes to save your settings

2.1. General Configuration

- Enable One Step Checkout: Choose Yes to active the extension on your site

- Checkout title & Checkout description: Manage the content of the two top fields on the checkout page

- Redirect to checkout automatically after adding product to cart: If you don't enable this module when the customer add products to cart, they have to do one more step which is “Place Order” to enter the checkout page

- Enable suggesting address by Google: Provide best-matched results when customers enter some first characters of their address on Shipping Address section

- Allow editing products in the Order Summary: Allow customers to edit product quantity or not in the order summary field

2.2. Delivery Date Configuration

If you do not want to apply this module to your site, just choose “No” for “Enable Delivery time and date”. In this configuration, you can easily disable days and hours that you don't want to deliver on that time. This feature helps you to avoid rust hours or some days in the week you are not able to provide shipping service. The disable days or hours are not displayed on the checkout page so the customers can't choose these options, you don't have to waste time contacting every single customer to tell them about shipment problems and deal with them.

You can also enable house security code to let customers provide you the code to enter the buildings or gates so your delivery man will not meet the problems of getting blocked from entering into the place where customers required to ship.

2.3. Giftwrap Configuration

- Gift wrap type: You can config to calculate gift wrap fee based on item or order in this field

- Gift wrap fee: Determine the fee for your gift wrap service

- Enable gift message: Allow customers to send messages to their friends or beloved ones along with the product or not

2.4. Default Information

On this section, you can set default values for each field on the checkout page such as payment method, shipping method, country, region/state, zip/postal code, city. After selecting default values, these fields will be auto-filled by the values you've chosen. Customers are still able to edit these values if their information is different from the default.

2.5. Design Configuration

In this configuration, you are able to customize your checkout page appearance by yourself.

You can choose the color for the five given fields: Heading Text Color, Step Number Icon Color, Order Summary Background, “Place Order” Button Text Color and “Place Order” Button Background Color on your own. Tap into the field and the color palette will be shown since then you can choose any color you want. After complete setting color, don't forget to save config then come to your checkout page to see how your page changes.

There are header and footer of the page that you can choose to display them or not on the checkout page. These are unnecessary information you can remove to save your site bandwidth and not distract your customers' checkout process.

2.6. Additional Configuration

This configuration allows you to make changes on some additional features.

- Enable adding comment to order: Allow your customers to give an additional point for their order, for example, the way they want their product to be wrapped

- Show Newsletter checkbox: Let customers subscribe to your newsletter and catch your latest product release. If you want this feature to be auto-checked as default, please choose “Yes” for “Newsletter checkbox checked by default

- Show Discount Code section: This field is to let customers import discount code right on the checkout page. When customers enter the code, the price will decrease automatically.

- Product Thumbnail Shown In Order Review Section: Enable this feature to shown product thumbnail in the order summary, this helps your customers to review their product once again quickly without going back to the product page.

2.7. Top and Bottom Custom Block

You can obviously display top and bottom block on the checkout page with optional categories or link. For instance, if you choose “Login Info Block” for the top block and “Contact us info” for the bottom block, the checkout page will display the customer's login information on the top of the page and your contact information at the bottom of the page.

2.8. Field Position Management

This is where you can arrange the appearance of the fields on the “Shipping Address” section.

From the given list in the backend, you can choose values for each field as the way you want. You can also manage one or two fields in a row by selecting values in two columns.

The drag-and-drop feature makes the tool more convenient to arrange necessary fields.

2.9. Geo IP

Geo IP is a tool to look up for IP addresses, this tool detects your customers' IP addresses and their addresses will be filled automatically into the address field. To activate this tool you have to install it following these steps below:

3. Support

If you have any problem in setting all the configurations, feel free to ask us via this link.

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