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Easy FAQ

FAQ extension is an extension for Magento that are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.


Access to backend and go to menu Easy FAQSettings.

  • Enable: Yes/No. Admin use this configuration to turn on/ turn off FAQ extension
  • Page Title: page title of FAQ page. It is displayed in the top of FAQ page.

  • Meta Title & Meta Keywords: these are 2 attributes for SEO of FAQ page.
  • Layout Style: we will have 3 layouts to select
  1. 1 column
  2. 2 column right sidebar
  3. 2 column left sidebar
  • Page Style: we can select one of 2 styles for categories:
  1. Ajax: click into a category, ajax will load all FAQ of that category
  2. Smooth Scroll: click into a category, the monitor will be focus to all FAQ of that category

Manage FAQ Category

Access to backend and go to menu Easy FAQManage FAQ Category.

Add/edit a category

To add a new category, from Admin Sidebar, enter Easy FAQManage FAQ Category → Choose Add a New FAQ Category nearly the top right of the page.

  • Category Name: Enter the category name
  • Description: Write some detailed information about the category
  • Store View: You can manage to apply the category to any or all stores
  • Sort Order: Uses to arrange the order of each category

Insert required texts for each field and press Save to complete.

*To edit a category, on the Manage FAQ Category page, click View on the one you want to make some changes from category list, edit and Save

Manage FAQ

Access to backend and go to menu Easy FAQManage FAQ.

Add a new FAQ

From Admin Sidebar, access menu Easy FAQManage FAQ → Choose Add a new FAQ

After that, fill all necessary section:

  • Question: Enter the frequently asked question to the feild
  • Answer: This is where you give customers the answer for the question. Provide clearly information, use editor tools to present a better post layout.

Press Save to complete the process.

* To edit a FAQ, click View and edit the subject you want. After then Save the progress.

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