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Daily Deal

1. Quick Note

In general, Daily Deal extension creates the custom discount for products by showing countdown timer.

2. Configuration

The administrator can easily configure the Daily Deal module in 2 ways:

  • Daily DealConfiguration
  • StoresConfigurationMage WorldDaily Deal

2.1. General

  • Enable Module: Enable/Disable Daily Deal on Frontend.
  • Show Today's Deal block on: Show/hide Today’s Deal block on the sidebar.
  • Show Deals of Week block on: Show/hide Deal of Week block on the sidebar.
  • Show Active Deals block on: Show/hide Active Deal block on the sidebar.
  • Daily Deal Page Layout: Change column layout on Daily Deal Page.
  • Status Order to Sold Deal: Set status to increment Sold Qty.

2.2. Deal Display

  • Number of Active Deals to display at same time on 'Active Deal' and 'Deals of the Week' Block: Set the maximum product can be shown on the block.
  • Daily Deal Page Layout: Select display options: all current deals randomly, featured/expiring soonest deals first or featured deals randomly
  • Show deal details (Discount, You Save, Bought): Select Yes if you want to show deal’s details: Discount, You Save, Bought.
  • Display Remaining Deal Quantity: Select Yes to show the remaining quantity of the deal
  • Display Deal Description: Select Yes to show deal description on the product page.
  • Custom 'Sale Label' Image: Select the image for the sale label. If you want to use dynamic label with discount percent, please select background image (recommended image size 180x180px), and select ‘Use dynamic Label Discount’ as Yes.

If you don’t have label image, you can find a default image in folder: ‘app\code\MW\DailyDeal\view\frontend\web\images/’ (customLabelDiscount.png for background image – dynamic label and sale.png for default Label)

If you don’t use label image, please remove the old image, leave the field blank.

  • Use dynamic Label Discount: Select Yes to show discount percent.

2.3. Titles / Messages

  • “Today's Deal” Block Title: Insert the text you want it to be shown on this block.
  • Countdown Timer Title: Insert the title for the countdown timer block.
  • Remaining Deal Quantity Message on Product Page: Insert your phrase (html supported).
  • Remaining Deal Quantity Message on Deal Blocks and Categories Page: Insert your phrase (html supported).

2.4. Colors

This feature allows you to set the color for the deal on the frontend.

2.5. Admin Notification

Select Yes and insert admin email to send notifications when there is no deal available.

3. Manage Deals

3.1. Add a new deal

  • Step 1: Choose a product to add to the deal

  • Step 2: Insert deal information

- In field % Discount: Insert the discount amount, this field will be changed when you change the deal price value.

- Deal Price: Insert deal price, this field will be changed when you change the percentage of discount value.

- Deal Qty: Insert the product quantity of the deal. Set the value as 0 if there is no limitation.

- Limit deals per customer order: Insert the maximum deal quantity per customer order, set value as 0 if there is no limitation.

- Disable product after finish: If you choose Yes, the product will be disabled after finishing.

- Starting Time and Ending Time: Set the starting and ending time for the deal. The Ending time must be set after the Starting Time.

  • Step 3: Save.

Click button ‘Save’ or ‘Save and Continue’ to save the deal, the deal status will be changed automatically. After saving, you will see the tab Deal Report, it shows some information when this deal is activated.

3.2. Manage current deals and all deals

  • Current Deals: From the Admin sidebar, go to Daily Deal Pro → Current Deals. You can have a quick look at the list of deals are running.

  • All Deals: Go to: Daily Deal Pro → All Deals. In this section, all the deals will be demonstrated.

4. Deal Generator

  • Go to Daily Deal Pro → Deal Generator, you will see the list of the Deal generator.

  • Click button “Add New Deal Scheduler” to add new deal scheduler.
  • Insert the value for the deal in the form.

- “Limit Quantity of Each Sale Item to”: Insert the maximum quantity for Deal. Set the value as 0 if there is no limitation.

- “Set number of products to be on sale at the same time”: Insert the maximum number of products to deal at the same time.

- “Set number of days in advance, deals are generated for”: Insert the maximum number of days to generate deals.

- “Deal Duration Cycle (in hours)”: Insert the number of hour to deal when it is processing.

  • Choose products to deal.

You can choose more product and set Deal Qty for each product, set Deal Qty as 0 for no limitation.

  • Save and generator

Click button “Save & Start Deal Generator” to save and generate deals.

Display deals on frontend page

5.1. Display on catalog

- Daily Deal Extension overwrites the template of catalog view. If you use another theme or any extension overwrites this template, Daily Deal extension may not be shown on the catalog.

- To show Countdown and Label image:

  • Go to file: app/code/<Vendor>/<Module-Name> /view/frontend/templates/Catalog/Product/list.phtml
  • Add the code below after tag:
<strong class="product name product-item-name">
<?php /*----- display daily deal -----*/ ?>
$countDown =  $this->getLayout()
$countDown->setData('product', $_product);
echo $countDown->setTemplate('MW_DailyDeal::Catalog/Product/countdown.phtml')->toHtml();
<?php /*----- end display daily deal -----*/ ?>

If the label image is not shown, please check the configuration.

5.2. Display on the sidebar

You can set General on the configuration in backend

  • Add to layout:
<block class="MW\DailyDeal\Block\Sidebar\FeatureDeal" name="mw_feature_deal_left" before="-" cacheable="false"></block>
  • Add to CMS block:
{{block class="MW\DailyDeal\Block\Sidebar\FeatureDeal" name="mw_feature_deal_left" cacheable="false"}}
  • Add to templates:
<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock(‘MW\DailyDeal\Block\Sidebar\FeatureDeal’)->toHtml(); ?>

6. Support

If you have any issues, please contact us via here

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